Minecraft Mob list



Mob Életerő Computer edition Console Edition Pocket Edition
Bat Denevér 8 Yes Yes Yes
Blaze Őrláng 20 Yes Yes Yes
Cave Spider Bányapók 12 Yes Yes Yes
Chicken Csirke 4 Yes Yes Yes
Chicken Jockey Csirkelovas 20 Yes Yes Yes
Cow Tehén 10 Yes Yes Yes
Creeper Creeper 20 Yes Yes Yes
Donkey Csacsi 15 Yes Yes No
Elder Guardian Öreg őrszem 80 Yes Yes No
Ender Dragon Végzetsárkány 200 Yes Yes No
Enderman   40 Yes Yes Yes
Endermite Végzetmoly 10 Yes Yes No
Evoker   24 Yes No No
Ghost Szellem 100 Yes Yes Yes
Giant Óriás 30 Yes Partial No
Guardian Őr 30 Yes Yes No
Horse 15 Yes Yes No
Husk   20 Yes Yes Yes
Iron Golem Vasgólem 100 Yes Yes Yes
Killer Bunny Gyilkos nyúl 10 Yes No No
Lama   15 Yes Yes Yes
Magma Cube Magmakocka 16, 4, 1 Yes Yes Yes
Mooshroom Gombatehén 10 Yes Yes Yes
Mule Öszvér 15-30 Yes Yes No
Ocelot Ocelot 10 Yes Yes Yes
Pig Malac 10 Yes Yes Yes
Polar bear   30 Yes Yes Yes
Rabbit Nyúl 10 Yes Yes Yes
Sheep Juh 8 Yes Yes Yes
Shulker Shulker 30 Upcoming No No
Silverfish Ezüsthal 8 Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Csontváz 20 Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Horse Csontváz ló 15-30 Yes No No
Skeleton Rider Csontváz lovas Upcoming No No
Slime Nyálka 16, 4, 1 Yes Yes Yes
Snow Golem Hógólem 4 Yes Yes Yes
Spider Pók 16 Yes Yes Yes
Spider Jockey Póklovas 20,16, 12 Yes Yes Yes
Squid Tintahal 10 Yes Yes Yes
Stray   Yes Yes Yes
Vex   14 Yes No No
Vindicator   24 Yes No No
Villager Falusi 20 Yes Yes Yes
Witch Boszorkány 26 Yes Yes No
Wither Sorvasztó 300 Yes Yes No
Wither Skeleton Sorvasztó csontváz 20 Yes Yes Yes
Wolf Farkas 8, 20 Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Zombi 20 Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Horse Zombi ló 15 Yes No No
Zombie Pigman Zombi malac 20 Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Villager Zombi falusi 20 Yes Yes Yes

And then across the overpass and down

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

Compiling a nodejs projects as a single binary : reate a single executable out of your node.js apps


Let’s face it, if you write software it’s often hard to distribute it: you have the runtime , the modules you depend on and your software itself. Sure you can package that all but packages ofter require you to have root-privileges to install.


Ability to run multiple applications with different node.js runtimes.
Distributable binaries without needing node / npm.
Starts faster.
Lockdown specific application versions, and easily rollback.
Faster deployments.

Building Requirements

Linux / Mac / BSD / Windows
Python 2.6 or 2.7 (use –python if not in PATH)
Windows: Visual Studio 2010+


EncloseJS http://enclosejs.com/

Compile your Node.js project. No sources aboard.

One day I will tell you how to slay the dragon.

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

PHP 7 and Node.js

Run A NodeJS Application On A LAMP Stack Server : https://www.thepolyglotdeveloper.com/2015/01/run-nodejs-application-lamp-stack-server/

SitePoint Smackdown: PHP vs Node.js : https://www.sitepoint.com/sitepoint-smackdown-php-vs-node-js/

PHP 7 vs Node.js? They Can Be Partners, Not Competitors For a Developer! : https://belitsoft.com/php-development-services/php7-vs-nodejs

PayPal moving from Java to sNode.js : https://www.paypal-engineering.com/2013/11/22/node-js-at-paypal/

Multiplayer game in browser

I'm vibrating

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth