Responsive design

Google Web Fundamentals – A handbook for best practices

How to Design Responsively
The article presents concepts like mobile first and design in the browser.
Responsive web design isn’t your site working on phones and tablets. It’s about your site working everywhere.

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Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

Pear Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer vs. PHP 5.3

Pear Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer created on PHP 4.

Trials to solve problem:

other software:

deprecated error report & solution:

error when deal with a large amount of data

The solution is change in Root.php line 623 :

fwrite($FILE, pack("V", 1));


fwrite($FILE, pack("V", $num_sb_blocks));

the file is pear/OLE/PPS/Root.php in package OLE 1.0.0RC2 (beta)

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Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth