Disable WordPress Comments on all posts with MySQL command

1.  Setting > Discussion : Disable comments of WordPress page

2: PhpMyAdmin: UPDATE wp_posts  SET comment_status = ‘closed’ WHERE comment_status = ‘open’;

The sun the sun the sun

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

jő 2015

Kis puha, ragadós kezek nyúlkálnak a kincsesládába,
a nyáj zúg, farkas járja az erdőt.
A kanász egy mesén gondolkodik,
a  bojtár elszökött.
A házak ablakai mögött súgdolódnak,
nem ízlik a bor.
A föld alszik, fekete és zsíros.
A kezek tiszták, megmosva.
A pusztaságba messzire látni,
de nincs mit.
Az éjszaka hideg,
az angyalok bebújnának a kabátok alá.

Bataille's bowl of milk Jean Simmons' nose ring

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

using DropzoneJS








When you create it in code:

And hair like this has always been something that I come back to all the time

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth


Really do yeah And... and it's... it's the...

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

Add remove section of elements – Snippet on JSFiddle

Add remove section of elements – Snippet on JSFiddle

source: http://jsfiddle.net/webeswork/cjf0j9zm/6/

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

//add element
jQuery(“#book_add_btn”).click(function() {

jQuery(‘#book_collection’).append(jQuery(“#book_collection .book_wrapper:last-child”).clone());
jQuery(“#book_collection .book_wrapper:last-child input[type=text]”).val(”);


//remove element
jQuery(“.book_wrapper .imagecheckbox”).live(“click”, function() {
if (jQuery(this).parent().parent().children().length > 1) {




Terrorise your kids with these. I got them in France when I was over there.

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

Display all SQL executed in Eloquent

Put this in your routes.php file and you will see the SQL that Eloquent is executing when you go to pages that have any sort of access to Eloquent models. This helps a lot when debugging SQL in Laravel.

// Display all SQL executed in Eloquent
Event::listen('illuminate.query', function($query)


To lose the faculty of memory is a massive trauma

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth

Laravel Eloquent ORM and Query Builder

Using Query Builder is easy way and complicated writing.

I had thought that I couldn’t use Eloquent ORM for complicated query but I found the solution.

A code snippet:

$bid_products = Bid::with(array(‘Product’ =>
            function($query){$query->orderBy(‘title’, ‘ASC’);}))
->where(‘admin_id’, ‘=’, $admin_id)->orderBy(‘bids.created_at’, ‘desc’)



10 quick tips to get better at Laravel http://tech.knolskape.com/10-quick-tips-to-get-better-at-laravel/

Laravel Eloquent vs Fluent query builder http://blog.sriraman.in/laravel-eloquent-vs-fluent-query-builder/

Laravel’s Eloquent ORM versus Query Builder http://www.rogerpence.com/2013/07/29/laravels-eloquent-orm-versus-query-builder/

Univerzális Entitás Kezelés: http://files.meetup.com/15327232/Perger_Peter_-_Univerzalis_entitas_kezeles-L4R4VELBP.pdf

and er... I went out and I introduced her

Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth