Build a React Native App and Authenticate with OAuth 2.0

React Native is a pretty slick framework. Unlike Ionic and other hybrid mobile frameworks, it allows you to use web technologies (React and JavaScript) to build native mobile apps. There is no browser or WebView involved, so developing a mobile app with React Native is similar to using the native SDK, in that you’ll do all your testing on an emulator or device. There is no way to test it in your browser like there is with Ionic.

Hybrid or Native mobile app development : Ebook free donwload

We often get questions about why a development team would choose hybrid over native. Of course, there’s no easy answer. It all depends on your team, your app requirements, and your goals.

That said, we decided to put together an ebook that summarizes our take on the hybrid vs. native debate – offering a balanced look at each approach. I’m not sure where you are in your journey. But if you’re evaluating tech stacks, I invite you to take a look.