Laravel 5.5 tutorial info

Learn how to test HTTP requests in Laravel 5.5

Laravel 5.5 Tutorial With Example From Scratch

LARAVEL 5.5 CRUD Tutorial using Bootstrap 4 :

Designing Action Game

Unity: What to consider when designing an action game

First of all, what would classify as an action game? If I was going to give a simple answer I’d say that it’s simply a game that has a high amount of decisions per second and you can increase the intensity of the action by either increasing the frequency of actions per second and/or increasing the complexity of those actions. I personally believe that this is where the mobile market is lacking.

Laravel: how to pass data from controller into multiple views? – AppServiceProvider

ery quickly, you’ll encounter the situation when multiple views require the same piece of data. For example, if a sidebar widget requires a particular variable for every single page, well we can’t be expected to pass that data from every single controller. No, instead, we can leverage view composers.

WordPress theme to Laravel Blade

How to convert WordPress theme to Laravel Blade

Laravel is a back-end framework, but most web-projects still require a front-end theme. And there are no sites with “Laravel themes”, all front-end themes are mostly based on WordPress CMS. But it shouldn’t be a problem – we can easily transform a WP theme to Laravel Blade. We often do that for our clients, so I will show you a simple example.

We will take a very simple and free WordPress theme called Parallax One.

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