Compiling a nodejs projects as a single binary : reate a single executable out of your node.js apps

Let’s face it, if you write software it’s often hard to distribute it: you have the runtime , the modules you depend on and your software itself. Sure you can package that all but packages ofter require you to have root-privileges to install.


Ability to run multiple applications with different node.js runtimes.
Distributable binaries without needing node / npm.
Starts faster.
Lockdown specific application versions, and easily rollback.
Faster deployments.

Building Requirements

Linux / Mac / BSD / Windows
Python 2.6 or 2.7 (use –python if not in PATH)
Windows: Visual Studio 2010+



Compile your Node.js project. No sources aboard.

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Install Multiple Versions of Node.js

Install Multiple Versions of Node.js using nvm :

nvm install 6.2.2

Installation complete. If you want to use this version, type

nvm use 6.2.2

Error: ‘node’ command not recognized.


just had the same problem. I solved it by deleting the empty folder “c:\program files\nodejs”. I then created the folder again. I guess there was a rights issue because the folder got created by an older node installer.

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Nick Cave - 20,000th day on the planet Earth


A Minecraft-Jézus megszületett. Örvendjünk?

a gamer társadalom elkezd magának tartalmat gyártani. Olyat, amilyent ő akar. És igen, lehet, hogy nem olyan szép a grafika, nem olyan csilingelők és élesek a hangeffektek, de a játék olyan lehetőségeket ad, amire játékkedv szerint van igény.

because within my songwriting world some kind of being like that exists.

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Android Studio is slow

Run Android Studio & Emulator Fast :

Install Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM), on Android Studio/Windows 10 :

Install Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM), on Android Studio/Windows 10 :

How to run Android Studio on slow computer :
– Worst character on display

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Media Queries for Standard Devices – CSS

Media Queries: How to target desktop, tablet and mobile?

Refined to work better with 960 grids:

@media (min-width:320px) { /* smartphones, iPhone, portrait 480×320 phones */ }
@media (min-width:481px) { /* portrait e-readers (Nook/Kindle), smaller tablets @ 600 or @ 640 wide. */ }
@media (min-width:641px) { /* portrait tablets, portrait iPad, landscape e-readers, landscape 800×480 or 854×480 phones */ }
@media (min-width:961px) { /* tablet, landscape iPad, lo-res laptops ands desktops */ }
@media (min-width:1025px) { /* big landscape tablets, laptops, and desktops */ }
@media (min-width:1281px) { /* hi-res laptops and desktops */ }

Responsive design with media query : screen size? :


Media Queries for Standard Devices:

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Quarx: A Laravel CMS

Quarx is a powerful Laravel CMS. It gives you the power to add a CMS to your app, rather than build your app around a CMS. Take back the control you’ve earned. Wield widgets, menus, images, files, pages, blogs, galleries, and anything you want with custom templates, and themes. Need more power? Generate any modules or themes you want.

Quarx – Add a CMS to any Laravel app to gain control of: pages, blogs, galleries, events, custom modules, images and more.

Quarx comes with a module builder for all your custom CMS needs, as well as a module publishing tools. So if you decide to reuse some modules on future projects you can easily publish thier assets seamlessly. If you wish to make your Quarx module into a PHP package, then you will need to have it publish its assets to the quarx/modules directory.

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