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Vízbe borult a tongai kamukajakos a szegedi vb-n https://index.hu/sport/kajak-kenu/2019/08/23/beborult_a_vizbe_a_tongai_kamukajakos_a_szegedi_vb-n/

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The rumours are true! My first ever kayak race will be the World championships in Hungary in only 3 weeks time! I’m not sure why my first race always has to be a World championships but all or nothing 🙂 The International Canoe Federation and Hungary World Championships organizing committee has been kind enough to help with a one week camp before the competition so I’ll get a week of practice in on a race kayak, some good news 🙂 We still don’t own a race worthy boat/paddle or equipment and still can’t paddle more than 20m without tipping out due to the balance issue, but spirits are high 🙂 Ive been working a lot on visualisation and strength. I have no bench mark for speed as I haven’t yet made 200m when I borrow the race kayak ( they are extremely unstable). We haven’t figured out how we will get there but like all things we are extremely confident we will find a way and just happy to have the chance to race and learn from the best in the world. The International canoe federation and organizing committee have been amazing in their help and support . So proud to be part of the canoe and kayak federation! @master_sitapa @planetcanoe

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