Lord Jamar fekete rapper szerint: Soros György van a háttérben a Black Lives Matter mozgalom mögött

Lord Jamar fekete rapper nem támogatja a Black Lives Matter mozgalmat.
Soros György lehet mögötte.
Ezzel a mesterségesen létrehozott mozgalommal leárnyékolják a feketék önszerveződő tiltakozási hullámát.

“No, absolutely not,” responded Jamar. “Because it’s not our movement. This is a movement that was given to us by, you know, George Soros and his f***ing boys. Because they saw how things were going and they didn’t want to go back to the 60s to where we started having our own organic movements. That was a big f***ing problem for them. So let’s give the people a movement that we can control. We’ll provide them the leaders and all this type of s**t. That’s what black lives matter is.”


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