Why I am playing Harmonica?

Why I am playing Harmonica?:

I don’t want to be professional player.
I love the practices or discover a new song.

This is a yoga practice for me:
Harmonica playing is practice.
I am practicing the being in the NOW.

The harmonica is durable.

I am also like the painting.

The playing music, painting picture are good practices to live in the NOW.

Tobacco Road D harmonica 5th position practice

Hobo Blues Band Tobacco Road practice Bb and C harmonica

5th position: +2 -2 -3″ -3′ -3 -4 +5

A comment from reddit:

It’s hard to tell which one works best without having the song going along at the same time. I tried it in with a Low F too. Works great for a low accompaniment. All three harps have something going for them. You could always use a couple different harps for different parts. The C seems to work well up around the 6 hole on the major turn around. The Bb works best for following the melody.


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