Harmonica Tone is Everything

1. Relax
2. Get The Harmonica Nice and Deep
3. Play Half As Hard As You Already Are
4. Stand Up
5. Breathe From Your Diaphragm
6. Use Your Hands
7. Practice a Train Rhythm Every Day


  • Connection between mouth and harmonica
  • Resting the harmonica on the lower lip
  • Lowering the jaw
  • Changing the capacity of the mouth
  • Posture
  • Exploring how bad you can make the tone and then how good you can make it
  • Pushing the difference between good and bad tone
  • Using your knowledge of bad tone to inform your knowledge of good
  • Relaxed mouth shape
  • Use of exercise like Haha Hoohoo
  • Deep Breathing
  • Shape of the inside of the mouth
  • Shape and height of tongue
  • Vocal Tract and open glottal aperture
  • Speaking with deep tones/high tones
  • Using Jews harp to explore resident areas
  • Throat open or closed
  • Pulsing the breath and vibrato
  • Harmonics and be inside of the mouth and throat
  • Pitch and mouth shape
  • Collecting the hands to the harmonica and also to the face
  • Making a tight seal with the hands/harmonica unit
  • Relaxing in the mouth throat and hands
  • Collecting the harmonica to the teeth
  • Singing through the harmonica
  • Listening to players you consider how good tone
  • Puckering or tongue-blocking
  • Which harmonica to use

Harmonica Songs with TABS and Practices

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