Harmonica Yoga Asanas

What is the harmonica yoga?

The harmonica yoga is a breathing practice (pranayama) and mental practice (raja yoga).

This practice brings back to childhood when the child first tries to play on harmonica.
This is game when you are drawing and blowing the sounds.
Imagine that you are in a connection with the universe in every breath.
Listen to your breath but do not coordinate it.
Let your breath is flowing through the harmonica.
Santi Santi Santi

Harmonica Yoga: Every kind of harmonica is perfect for this practice.

Harmonica Train Asanas

harmonica Walking Asanas

Play harmonica for good health! – Harmonica as Key to Long Life

97-Year-Old Credits Harmonica as Key to Long Life: https://www.voanews.com/a/ninety-six-old-credits-harmonica-key-to-long-life/3835747.html

Optimizes heart rate & blood pressure greatly adding to the longevity of your life. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/9-noteworthy-health-benefits-playing-harmonica-deepak-b-/

COPD360music: Harmonicas for Health: https://www.copdfoundation.org/Learn-More/I-am-a-Person-with-COPD/Harmonicas-for-Health.aspx

The health benefits of playing the harmonica:

Harmonicas for Health: Music to Maximize the Lungs

Harmonica Yoga



James Cotton – Blues Is Good for You

From a reddit user:
“There are some treatment programs for breathing problems that use harmonicas. Seydel even has a harp designed specifically for them.

I’ve also found that it’s very useful for anxiety. One common symptom of panic attacks is dysregulated breathing. Playing on the harmonica forces you into different breathing patterns which can short circuit panic attacks.”

These harmonicas were in the pocket of the soldiers in the war. The harmonicas caught the bullet saved the life of the solder.