Ionic mobile application connection with PHP server

Travel Data Post – Ionic App With PHP Backend :

Ionic 2.2.3 framework
Laravel 5.4 PHP framework backend
The mobile app stores the picture, GPS data, title, note in the local database
The app works offline mode. You can upload data when you have internet connection

Google Play store:

The IOS version is on the Apple store:

The web host domain:


1. Install NodeJs with deafult setting.
Download from here:
You can choose the „Latest Features” or „Recommended Most Users” package.
Tutorial video:
Check npm version:
npm –v

2. Install Android Studio with default setting.…
Tutorial video:

3. Add device in Android Studio
Tutorial video:

4. Create folder: ionic
Unzip my traveldatapost package

5. Open Console window, step in the app folder (I changed the type of the docs to Courier):
Step in the app folder. In the main folder see config.xml, etc.
cd C:\ ionic\traveldatapost
Install Cordova and Ionic:
npm install -g cordova
This command deletes earlier version of the ionic. Run it.
npm uninstall -g ionic
This project uses ionic 2.2.3 The version number is important.
npm install -g ionic@2.2.3
List plugins:
cordova plugin list Remove all installed plugins:
ionic state clear — plugins
List plugins again:
cordova plugin list

6. Remove Android platform: cordova platform rm android

7. Clean cache: npm cache clean
Install Android again: cordova platform add android

8. Install Ionic plugins step by step:
DB and Camera plugin installation npm install pouchdb
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-sqlite-2
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-camera
npm install @ionic-native/camera

9. Install File transfer plugin
npm install @ionic-native/file @ionic-native/file-path @ionic-native/transfer
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-file
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-file-transfer
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-filepath

10. Geolocation plugin
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-geolocation
npm install @ionic-native/geolocation
ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-mauron85-background-geolocation
npm install @ionic-native/background-geolocation

11. Install browser plugin
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser

12. Test application
ionic run android –l
Open Chrome browser:
Remote Target > inspect
You can check the running, internet connection, upload.
Advice: If you have got error: close console, open it, go to the app directory and run again this command:
ionic run android –l
The test app was built in this folder:

IOS development on the Apple desktop:

– “Mac mini” is the cheapest Mac for the development.

– If you haven’t got Mac you can use Oracle VM:

How to Install macOS Sierra in VirtualBox on Windows 10:…

+ commands:

1. Npm install environment changed. run:

npm rebuild node-sass

2. solving NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key problem:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-camera

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-camera –variable
CAMERA_USAGE_DESCRIPTION=”your usage message” –variable

ionic build ios --release

How coding almost killed me

Top 8 developer habits: Getting shit done
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Programming is not coding but helping people

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I call my old lifestyle the “McDonald’s Syndrome”.

I have a Great mobile app idea ….

1. Validate Your Idea


Before you begin, examine whether you have:
• Clearly identified the value of your app.
• Clearly identified your target audience.
• Clearly identified your solution and its value.

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2. Spec It Out

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