Week list for the current date in PHP

Dátumok hétfőtől vasárnapig , egy tetszőleges dátum alapján.

// set current date
$date = ’04/30/2009′;
// parse about any English textual datetime description into a Unix timestamp
$ts = strtotime($date);
// calculate the number of days since Monday
$dow = date(‘w’, $ts);
$offset = $dow – 1;
if ($offset < 0) { $offset = 6; } // calculate timestamp for the Monday $ts = $ts - $offset*86400; // loop from Monday till Sunday for ($i = 0; $i < 7; $i++, $ts += 86400){ print date("m/d/Y l", $ts) . "\n"; } https://www.redips.net/php/week-list-current-date/comment-page-2/

MySQL group

How to group by week in MySQL? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1736010/how-to-group-by-week-in-mysql

MySQL Query to select data from last week?


SELECT *FROM yourTableName WHERE YEARWEEK(yourDateColumnName) = YEARWEEK(NOW());


Ha nem tudod feltölteni SQL DUMP file-t PHPMYADMIN korlátozás miatt: Megoldás: SQL DUMP SPLITTER

Welcome to the SQLDumpSplitter3. This is a small tool to split up large MySQL dumps into small, independently executable SQL files. It is useful in cases where an upload limit is in place in web administration tools for exampel