Seasick Steve’s original name is Steve Leach. He has never been Hobo.

Steve Leach : I sure like the change :

maybe Seasick Steve was not, in fact, a hobo (he was actually a session musician)

maybe Seasick Steve was not, in fact, a hobo (he was actually a session musician) :

Seasick Steve – A Myth Unravels :

In the case of former hobo and punk-blues singer Seasick Steve, however, it all seemed so simple. When he sang “Dog House Boogie” on his extraordinary Hootenanny debut nearly a decade ago, it was his grit and authenticity, even more than his musical skills – though the two go hand-in-hand – that the audience fell in love with. Read any fan forum and it’s clear that Steve is loved because most audiences believe he’s experienced exactly what he sings.

remote work – távmunka

Miért alkalmatlanok az irodák a valódi munkavégzésre?:

Overcoming remote work challenges – 5 solutions for collaboration :

Remote work is getting more & more popular nowadays. Think of it for a minute: you can work with the best professionals no matter where they are! Even from the other side of the world.

Conrad amatőr készletek

Elektronikai kísérletező készlet 14 éves kortól, Conrad Basic 3964 :

Forrasztás tanulásához alap oktató készlet, Conrad 10062, 14 éves kortól :


Nirvana – Budapest 1989 :

Kurt Cobain Biography :

Nirvana – Footage from Aberdeen, 1984 (Rare)


Nirvana’s First Recording – (Rare Live Video Practice!) [Remastered – Pt 4/4]

Nirvana – Eagles Hall, Hoquiam, WA 1988


Nirvana – Live at Kapu, 1989, Full (MATRIX) :

Nirvana – Love Buzz Live in Austria 1989 [HD 720p] :

Nirvana – 1989-11-20 – [Full Show] – Kapu – Linz, Austria :

Nirvana – Bleach Era (1989-1990) :

Laravel – Trait

ow to use traits in Laravel 5.4

How to use Traits – Laravel 5.2

Traits in Laravel

Laravel TRAITS: