Bootstrap accordion scrolltop animation

$(‘.panel-collapse’).on(‘’, function (e) {
var $panel = $(this).closest(‘.panel’);
scrollTop: $panel.offset().top
}, 500);

Bootstrap accordion, scroll to top of active (open) accordion on click?

PHP is the Best Platform for Enterprise Business

Why PHP is the Best Platform for Enterprise Business

With millions of developers around the world using PHP for web design and development, it is certainly unarguable that PHP is the best platform for enterprise business. PHP has been one of the most famous frameworks for web building due to it many features like top security, cross-platform compatibility and many other

Mail Notifications in Laravel

How to Test Mail Notifications in Laravel ?

I was testing some feature from my side project and I came across the situation where I want to test Mail Notification means I don’t want to send actual notification , I just wanted to fake it so that I can ensure that mail is getting send at some trigger point and also I wanted to test the content of that mail.