Ha nem tudod feltölteni SQL DUMP file-t PHPMYADMIN korlátozás miatt: Megoldás: SQL DUMP SPLITTER

Welcome to the SQLDumpSplitter3. This is a small tool to split up large MySQL dumps into small, independently executable SQL files. It is useful in cases where an upload limit is in place in web administration tools for exampel



Ékezetek törlése iconv-vel / convert characters with accents into the same characters without accents

What’s the best way in PHP to convert characters with accents into the same characters without accents? Example: “Gekitō” to “Gekito”?:

iconv(‘utf-8’, ‘ASCII//TRANSLIT’, ‘Naruto: Gekitō Ninja ‘);

//TRANSLIT tells iconv to transliterate characters, or convert characters in the origin encoding to the closest possible matching character in the target encoding. This may be necessary when converting from something like UTF-8 (which supports the full range of Unicode characters) to ASCII (which only supports a very limited character repertoire). Ordinarily, iconv would exit and not complete the conversion. The use of //TRANSLIT tells iconv to use the closest possible character. If no such character is available, it will be replaced with the ‘replacement character’, which is often a question mark.


LaraconEU – Laravel Conference


Freek Van der Herten started the talks with his piece called “Supercharging Common Controllers”. After going through some of best practices to keep your code clean, Freek presented some (more) awesome packages they developed at Spatie. Their work in the Laravel open-source space is quite unparalelled and it was nice to talk to them during the breaks.

Chatbot Laravel

How to Install Botman Chatbot in Laravel 5?


In this tutorial, i would like to show you how to create simple chatbot using botman in your existing laravel 5.8 application. we will install botman with laravel and you can easily use web driver, facebook driver, telegram driver, slack driver, hip chat driver etc. we will use web driver for creating very simple botman chatbot in laravel 5 application.