Juzzie Smith : Little Journey – Lyrics #I love this song

I love the way the sun shines for everyone
I love the feelin’ of the warmth flowin’ through my blood
Well the sun it recharges me makes me feel happy
Then it takes me on a little journey

I love the way a wave ripples through the sea
Travels far just to break, for you or me
When water is coverin’ over me, takes away my negativity
Then it takes me on a little journey

I love the way a seed grows into a tree
I love how we can sit under, and feel free
With the shade coverin’ over me, connectin’ to what, I believe
Nature’s gonna’ take me on a little journey

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Recording setup used for ANAZANAUT, “Virruble Wellows”. All sounds in this recording originated on a prototype “Eleki Ribbon” style Ondes Martenot. This instrument is hand crafted in Japan by ASADEN. It has been provided to ANAZANAUT courtesy of CVGATE. For more information, go to http://www.asaden.net/ or follow them on Twitter @ASADENnet.

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