The AngularJS learning curve

On this episode, Sean Fioritto and I discuss the AngularJS learning curve, and why he thinks it’s so nasty.
Welcome to “The Front End Developer Cast,” the podcast that helps developers be awesome at building ambitious web applications, whether you’re a JavaScript ninja, or you’re just getting started. I’m your host, Craig McKeachie.
My interview today is with Sean Fioritto, and we discuss the AngularJS learning curve, why he thinks it’s so nasty, and how he goes about making it easier to learn.
We also discuss Angular in the enterprise, and why he thinks AngularJS is great when you’re dealing with large enterprise code bases.


Business Models


Models Examples
Display ads Yahoo!
Search ads Google
Text ads Google
Video ads Hulu,
Audio ads Pandora, Radio, Podcasts
Promoted content Twitter, Tumblr
Paid-content links Outbrain
Recruitment ads LinkedIn
Lead generation MoneySuperMarket, ZocDoc
Affiliate fees The Wirecutter
Classifieds Craigslist
Featured listings Yelp, Super Pages;
E-mail ads Yahoo, MSN
Ad-retargeting Criteo
Real-time-intent ad delivery
Location-based offers Foursquare
Sponsorships/Site take-overs Pandora
Lifetime, unique ad space NSFWCORP Conflict Tower,
Sponsorships users


Models Examples
Retailing Zappos
Marketplace Etsy
Crowd-sourced marketplace Threadless
Excess-capacity markets Uber, AirBnB
Vertically-integrated commerce Warby Parker
Flash sales Gilt Groupe, Vente Privee, Fab
Group buying Groupon
Digital goods/downloads iTunes
Virtual goods Zynga
Training Cloudera(?), -> Coursera
Pay what you want Radiohead
Commission SharesPost
Commission per order Seamless, GrubHub
Auction eBay
Reverse Auction Priceline
Barter for services SwapRight


Models Examples
Software as a Service (SaaS) Salesforce
Service aaS Shopify
Content aaS Spotify, Netflix
Platform aaS (PaaS) dotCloud, Heroku
Infrastructure aaS (IaaS)
Freemium SaaS Dropbox
Ethical premium Proposed by Clayton Cubitt
Donations Wikipedia
Recurring donations (w/ rewards) Patreon
Sampling Birchbox, BarkBox (sic)
Membership services Amazon Prime
Support and maintenance 10gen, Red Hat, Cloud66
Paywall New York Times, Andrew Sullivan
Strict Paywall The Information
Porous Paywall NSFWCORP
Voice and video conferencing Uberconference
Newsletter Ricardo Bueno
Fremium video subscription, YouTube

Peer to Peer (P2P)

Models Examples
P2P lending Lending Club
P2P gambling BetFair
P2P buying Etsy
P2P insurance
P2P computing CrasPlan storage, SETI@home
P2P service Mechanical Turk, TaskRabbit
P2P mobile WiFi/tethering


Models Examples
Merchant acquiring PayPal (On-/Offline), Stripe (OnL), Square (OffL)
Intermediary IP Commerce (POS 2.0), CardSpring
Acquiring processing Paymentech
Bank transfer Dwolla
Bank depository offering Simple, Movenbank (spread on average deposits)
Bank card issuance Simple (interchange fee per transaction)
Fullfilment Amazon
Messaging Peer-to-Peer SMS, IM, Group Messaging
Telephony (public networks) Skype out/in
Telephony (private cloud) Native Skype
Mobile payment gateway Braintree
Platform monetization (“tax”) Facebook Credits, iOS 30/70 cut


Models Examples
Per seat Sencha
Per device/server QlikView
Per application instance Adobe Photoshop
Per site Private cloud on internal infrastructure
Patent Qualcomm
Brand Sesame Street
Indirect Apple Volume Purchasing


Models Examples
User data BlueKai
Business data Duedil
User intelligence YouGov
Search Data Chango
Real-time consumer intent data Yieldbot
Benchmarking services Comscore
Market research GLG


Models Examples
Paid-app downloads WhatsApp
In-app purchases Zynga Poker
In-app subscriptions New York Times app
Advertising Flurry, AdMob
Digital-to-physical Red Stamp, Postagram


Models Examples
Freemium (virtual currency) Zynga
Subscription World of Warcraft
Premium Xbox games
DLC (downloadable content) Call of Duty

Open Source

Models Examples
Consulting Red Hat, Nginx, Revsys
Hosting/Infrastructure WordPress
Free for some, but not for others
Ads Mozilla
Bundled features (e.g. search) Mozilla, Opera



Két Tech Startup Naplója

Tanulságos írás.
A StartUp itthon  általában nagy titokban készül  hónapokig.
A végén 1-2 több neves ismerős előtt prezentálva lesz, de nem fogják használni.
Az ötletesnek tartják a programot, de az eddig bevált eszközeikkel meg tudják oldani azt a műveletet.

A cikk nem tulajdonít nagy jelentőséget kód tesztelésének.    A felhasználókra hagyják a hibák jelentését ott  baj van a működtetéssel.


uninstall package in Laravel

  1. Remove decleration from composer.json (in “require” section)
  2. Remove Service Provider from “app.php” (reference in “providers” array)
  3. Remove any Class Alliases from “app.php”
  4. Remove any references to the package from your code 🙂
  5. Run “composer update”
  6. Manually delete the published files