Fiverr : My naem is DingDongPingPong form China

Well, I have a good business idea and I wanna explain about it if you want:

– Well,I explain my opinion in detail,recently I am going to create some Europe or USA account on Upwork to grow my outsourcing development but I can’t it myself because I am from China.
I tried to create some fake accounts but as result, it never was good solution for me.
So I want to use your Account on UPwork.
If I have some Europe account, I can get hired with higher rates by some clients.
I hope that you don’t mind to create some account under your personal info like name, address, and others. If you help me to create some account, it will be great for me.
If your don’t have a Account on Upwork ,You have to create a Upwork’s Account with only your real infomation – must be identical.

– And then, If you provide your Account on Upwork ,I will have to work on Upwork with your laptop via TeamViewer to remote access.
The reason is that even I create account using some VPN or VPS to avoid IP/Location issues but their proxy will be detected by Upwork. After all, it will be banned by Upwork. Of course,If you give me access to your local via remote, I am sure that I’ll never need any data from local and steal your data in any case.

– As this is a long-term contract, if you accept my offer, I can pay $100 ~ $150 per each month for next 5 years. At the end, you’ll get $1200 per a year with no work.
If my work will sucess ,I must will pay more tips 50$ per 3 months.

Base on credit,trust!This is my idea!

Thanks you for your interest!

It is impotant that I’m not fake and everything is trust,just only I’m from China.

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