Free PHP Laravel 5 Webshop software

Aimeos – Laravel e-commerce package and online shop solution

Full-featured Laravel e-commerce package

It contains everything you need to create your new online shop including product catalogs, baskets, checkout, payment, order management and e-mails.

Faster than your customers expect

In optimized server setups, response times down to 40ms are possible when browsing the product catalog. This results in pleased customers and more sales.
Free and Open Source software

Use Aimeos free of charge, modify it according to your needs and use the code base for all your e-commerce projects without licensing headaches.

Complete setup in 5 minutes only

The Laravel e-commerce package is installed in less than five minutes and includes a set of demo data which creates a fully working shop instantly.

Best suited for mobile customers

Aimeos is designed from ground up for mobile devices and the content is optimally displayed on every smartphone or tablet which has at least 320px.

Extremely customizable components

Almost 2500 configuration options allow you to customize every aspect to your needs and the best thing is: You only need two settings for the start!

Scales in shops and products

Aimeos grows with your business up to 100k+ products and hundreds of shops per installation out of the box. It can handle several million products using extensions.

Optimized user experience

Perfect usability is the key for every successful online shop. Constant usability testing ensures that customers will love your shop and enjoy to come back.

Excellent code quality testified

Over 160 000 lines of code are constantly checked for quality and clean code. Thereby, new developers are able to dig into and understand the code quickly.

Benefit from a fully SEO optimized shop system

Increase the number of customers visiting your online shop. Aimeos comes fully SEO optimized out of the box and you can add content for any SEO relevant information.

Available in more than 10 languages

Make business world-wide with your e-commerce site. Aimeos is perfectly adapted to the language and local characteristics of your customers.

Extensively tested code base

The source code is covered by more than 3000 test cases including 8500 tests. Aimeos is among the most tested e-commerce systems on the market.

For more than just online shops in Laravel

Through its unlimited extensibility, Aimeos is a perfect choice for everything that is organized in lists and detail view, e.g. real estate portals, reservation systems, etc.

Powerful theming capabilities

Clean and structural HTML in combination with sophisticated CSS3 creates appealing high quality themes installed with layouts and configuration in one simple package.

Well documented source code

The code base contains more than 100 000 lines of comments. For that reason it’s one of the best documented code base available for Laravel.

Built on the fastest growing framework

Laravel is used by an impressive large community of PHP developers who are able to jump into any Aimeos project quickly and get productive within days.

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