Laravel Quickstart installation in Windows environment – Laravel telepítés Windows alatt


I followed Laravel Quickstart ( ) installation in Windows environment

Earlier I had installed Composer in the E:composer directory (

I am using UniServer but You also can create installation in your (Wamp, Xampp ) web directory.

First I created a laravel directory in my web directory :wwwprojectslaravel
The project name will be testproject.

The commands in the console (cmd):

Microsoft Windows [verziószám: 6.1.7601]


E:>cd E:serverUniServerZ_2014wwwprojectslaravel

E:serverUniServerZ_2014wwwprojectslaravel>E:composercomposer create-project laravel/laravel testproject
Installing laravel/laravel (v4.2.0)
– Installing laravel/laravel (v4.2.0)
Downloading: 100%

Created project in testproject
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies (including require-dev)
laravel/framework suggests installing doctrine/dbal (Allow renaming columns and dropping SQLite columns.)
Writing lock file
Generating autoload files
Generating optimized class loader
Compiling common classes
Compiling views
Application key [RDwdAkh5WxWAgVkQwTdMcTFlJLpMb73t] set successfully.



E:serverUniServerZ_2014wwwprojectslaravel>cd testproject

E:serverUniServerZ_2014wwwprojectslaraveltestproject>php artisan migrate:make create_users_table
Created Migration: 2014_07_04_071018_create_users_table
Generating optimized class loader
Compiling common classes
Compiling views



E:serverUniServerZ_2014wwwprojectslaraveltestproject>php artisan migrate
*     Application In Production!     *

Do you really wish to run this command?
Migration table created successfully.
Migrated: 2014_07_04_071018_create_users_table



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