Minecraft Pocket mine server install on ubuntu linux (xubuntu)

How-to Setup a Minecraft PE Server on Linux: http://vpstutorial.com/setup-minecraft-pe-server/

install: http://pocketmine-mp.readthedocs.org/en/latest/installation.html#installing-on-windows

key problem: https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/issues/2740

dependency problem: https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/issues/2740

successfully install report:

kriszti@kriszti-AMILO-Pro-Edition-V3505:~$ wget -q -O – http://get.pocketmine.net/ | bash -s – -v development
[*] Found PocketMine-MP Final_1.5dev (build 1261) using API 1.12.0
[*] This development build was released on 2015. szept. 5., szombat, 18.19.48 CEST
[*] Installing/updating PocketMine-MP on directory ./
[1/3] Cleaning…
[2/3] Downloading PocketMine-MP Final_1.5dev-1261 phar… done!
[3/3] Obtaining PHP: detecting if build is available…
[3/3] Linux 32-bit PHP build available, downloading PHP_5.6.10_x86_Linux.tar.gz… checking… regenerating php.ini… done
[*] Everything done! Run ./start.sh to start PocketMine-MP
kriszti@kriszti-AMILO-Pro-Edition-V3505:~$ ./start.sh
[*] PocketMine-MP set-up wizard
[*] Please select a language:
English => en
Español => es
中文 => zh
Pyccĸий => ru
日本語 => ja
Deutsch => de
한국어 => ko
Nederlands => nl
Français => fr
Italiano => it
Melayu => ms
Norsk => no
Svenska => sv
Suomi => fi
Türkçe => tr
[?] Language (en):
[*] English has been correctly selected.
Welcome to PocketMine-MP!
Before starting setting up your new server you have to accept the license.
PocketMine-MP is licensed under the LGPL License,
that you can read opening the LICENSE file on this folder.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

[?] Do you accept the License? (y/N): y
[?] Do you want to skip the set-up wizard? (y/N): y
[17:58:12] [Server thread/INFO]: Loading pocketmine.yml…
[17:58:12] [Server thread/INFO]: Loading server properties…
[17:58:12] [Server thread/INFO]: Selected English (eng) as the base language
[17:58:12] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting Minecraft: PE server version v0.11.0 alpha
[17:58:12] [Server thread/INFO]: Opening server on
[17:58:12] [Server thread/INFO]: This server is running PocketMine-MP version 1.5dev-1261 “活発(Kappatsu)フグ(Fugu)” (API 1.12.0)
[17:58:12] [Server thread/INFO]: PocketMine-MP is distributed under the LGPL License
[17:58:13] [Server thread/NOTICE]: Level “world” not found
[17:58:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Preparing level “world”
[17:58:13] [Server thread/NOTICE]: Spawn terrain for level “world” is being generated in the background
[17:58:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting GS4 status listener
[17:58:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Setting query port to 19132
[17:58:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Query running on
[17:58:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Default game type: Survival Mode
[17:58:13] [Server thread/INFO]: Done (20.919s)! For help, type “help” or “?”

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