MyISAM vs InnoDB

what are the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM?



Designed with a thinking that database are frequently read not updated.
Simple to understand and implement.
Has full text searching capability.
Good for frequent read operations(when several computations are executing simultaneously)
Faster reads and writes for small to medium sized tables.
Lock tables while updating.
Count(*) queries are fast


Non-transactional. Data loss issues during crashes.
Table level locking
Insert and update queries are scaleable, concurrency issues


Designed with a thinking that database are frequently updated not read.
Data-integrity is maintained throughout the entire query process.
Clustering by primary key for faster lookups and ordering.
Transactional, crash-safe, better online backup capability.
Allow multiple updates on single table
Locks only row, not table.


Slower writes(insert, update queries)
Slower BLOB handling
Count(*) queries require full table scan.


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