Qt vs Xamarin

Why Qt for mobile APP Development ? : https://appbus.wordpress.com/2016/04/06/why-qt-for-mobile-app-development/

Why not Xamarin – some concepts sound similar ?

Only at the first view. There’s a main difference:

Xamarin is using ONE LANGUAGE (C#) to write mobile apps, but it’s NOT ONE CODEBASE. You still have to write different code for Android and iOS esp. because the underlying UI Controls from native platform are be used. This is good for native-UI/UX, but more work is required and less re-use.

Qt is also ONE LANGUAGE (C++/QML) , but also ONE CODEBASE. For common usecases you have to write Code only once. For some special parts you can execute code from underlying Android Java or iOS ObjectiveC.

For me another plus: I can re-use 80% of C++ business-logic-code from Qt4.8 and also some concepts like SIGNALS/SLOTS for great event handling.


Comparing Xamarin to other cross platfrom frameworks : https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/55129/comparing-xamarin-to-other-cross-platfrom-frameworks-codename-one

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