Run your own auction site on your PHP – MySQL hosting service

Laravel auction software (PHP – MySQL ) on Codester:

Everybody loves eBay. However, not everyone likes the commissions you have to pay to sell on the site.

What if you love the idea of eBay but want to run an auction from site of your own? This could be to sell general items or it could be to sell very specific items at auction.

There are many reasons to create a website based around auction software. You don’t have to completely go down the general eBay item route, but instead have a site that runs a very specific auction.

An example that springs to mind instantly would be to create a website that allows you to run a charity auction for a selection of items on one evening. This would work in the same way as eBay but run over the space of a single evening.

Other reasons to setup your own auction website would be to avoid paying commissions on each auction item as well as having the ability to style the website in any manner you wish.

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