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How To Fetch Data From an API With React Hooks:

They let you use state and other React features without writing a class.

React: Class Component VS Function Component with Hooks:

Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. The most useful feature of Hooks is that it allows using state without using class.

Effect hook will get invoked with the first DOM updating. We can pass in a function in useEffect, and every time the DOM gets updated, the function in useEffect will get invoked too. Also, the effect hook allows you to pass in an array as the second argument, which contains all the dependencies that will trigger the effect hook. if any of the dependencies changed, the effect hook will run again. This feature provides us a more efficient way to make an Ajax request. Instead of making the request every time with DOM updates, you can pass in dependencies that only make the request while these values change.

Comparing with these two ways to create a component, we can clearly see that hooks need less code and it is more clear to read and understand. Hooks give us a more efficient way to replace lifecycle methods.

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If you don’t initialize state and you don’t bind methods, you don’t need to implement a constructor for your React component.

Avoid copying props into state! This is a common mistake.

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