Finding Vulnerabilities in Core WordPress

Finding Vulnerabilities in Core WordPress: A Bug Hunter’s Trilogy, Part III – Ultimatum

Netanel Rubin tells a story in three acts – describing his long path of discovered flaws and vulnerabilities in core WordPress, leading him from a read-only ‘Subscriber’ user, through creating, editing and deleting posts, and all the way to performing SQL injection and persistent XSS attacks on 20% of the popular web.

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PHP redirect – If WordPress blog was moved to new place

The Google indexed old site, so put this PHP script into old folder:


$foopart = “”;

foreach ( $_GET as $key => $value) {
$foopart .= $key.”=”.$value.”&”;

$foopart = substr($foopart, 0, -1);



Change the domain in th header (‘Location: ..’) part