WordPress biztonságos, csak a weboldal gazdája nem az


Egy rövid lista, hogy mit kellene betartani egy WordPress tulajdonosnak:

  • Use a dedicated or virtual server, avoid shared hosting  <– :))
  • Back up your site (files and database) regularly (consider a service such as VaultPress)
  • Keep your WordPress core installation up to date
  • Keep your WordPress plugins up to date
  • Keep your WordPress themes up to date
  • Uninstall (not just disable) any unused plugins or themes
  • Avoid plugins and themes from untrusted sources
  • Do not use admin (or other easily guessable usernames)
  • Use a strong password!
  • Ensure your own PC is malware free (to keep keyloggers and malware from stealing your credentials)
  • Monitor your server and user stats
  • Restrict WP-Admin to your VPN or proxy
  • Restrict WP-Admin using HTTP Basic Auth
  • Restrict WP-Admin to your IP address
  • Deny access to wp-content directories
  • Remove WordPress version from meta
  • Protect WP-Admin with authentication
  • Force SSL
  • Get a security audit
  • Report potential core vulnerabilities
  • Report potential plugin vulnerabilities

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