Zend Framework 1 on PHP 7.3

PHP 7.3 compatible version of ZF1 from version 15234, release-1.12 branches and 1.12 tags onwards.


Is Zend Framework 1 compatible with PHP 7.2? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49072332/is-zend-framework-1-compatible-with-php-7-2


How to fix Warning: is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect in Zend Framework => 1.10 http://www.zeronex.me/2010/09/how-to-fix-warning-is_readable-open_basedir-restriction-in-effect-in-zend-framework-1-10/

If you are getting load of this error after upgrading to Zend framework 1.10 and greater, you can fix it by changing Zend/Loader.php file

Change method isReadable() to following
Also make sure anything in your include path should be in your basedir option too.
Waring!!! use the code at your own risk as I have not done extensive tests.


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