Microphone for Harmonica Beatbox

Moses Concas is using AUDIX FIREBALL-V

Audix FireBall V Harmonica / Beatbox Microphone with Volume Control: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FireBallV–audix-fireball-v-harmonica-beatbox-microphone-with-volume-control

Audix FireBall Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Features at a Glance:
At home onstage or in the studio, FireBall works great on:
Harmonica (chromatic and diatonic)
Saxophone, trumpet, trombone

There’s a mic made specifically for you – the pro harmonica player. It’s the Audix FireBall, and the latest version is the coolest thing since, well, harmonicas. With its quirky good looks, FireBall nestles comfortably in your cupped hands – without muddiness, feedback, or distortion. In fact, FireBall’s full-sized dynamic capsule will make you sound great! Clean and accurate, FireBall is capable of handling sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB without distortion. Crafted in the USA from a solid bar of aircraft-grade aluminum, FireBall is built road-tough to withstand the craziest of stage antics night after night. FireBall is optimized for harmonica, but works great on other instruments as well.

dinamikus hangszermikrofon: speciálisan harmonikához kifejlesztve, magas SPL mellett is torzításmentes, dinamikus kapszula, Cardioid iránykarakterisztika, 50 Hz – 16 Khz frekvencia átvitel, 150 Ohm impendencia, szimmetrikus, 1.9 mV/Pascal érzékenység, >23 dB dB Off-Axis elnyomás, 140 dB Max SPL, súly: 127.5 gramm

How To Hold A Microphone When Beatboxing