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This thesis represents the first comprehensive examination in English of the
work of the Berlin-based music collective, Einstürzende Neubauten. It intends
to offer evidence that the sonic forays of this group have not only defined a
particular cultural moment but have also created new musical possibilities (to
appropriate words from Brandon LaBelle). 1 It does this by investigating why
the work of these musicians is important within contemporary music, what
cultural concerns their music reflects and how the music is created, performed
and disseminated. These questions are explored through a range of contexts,
including post-war Berlin, Germany’s problematic relationship with music, the
development of Musique Concrète, Noise/Music and strategies for creative
independence. There is a detailed analysis of Neubauten’s performance and
textual techniques.

This thesis argues that Einstürzende Neubauten are one of the few examples
of ‘rock-based’ artists who have been able to sustain a breadth and depth of
work over a number of years while remaining experimental and open to
development; that their work offers evidence that they are one of the most
complete examples of Artaudian practice in contemporary performance and
that their Supporter Initiative (2002-2007) provided a unique working strategy
for independence of the consumerist model of music.

Blues Backing Track Jam

Blues Backing Track Jam – Ice B. – Acoustic Slow Blues in E

Harmonica keys:
A harmonica 2nd position
D harmonica 3rd position
C harmonica 5th position
Low C harmonica 5th position
Lee Oskar Bm harmonica 1st position
Lee Oskar Em harmonica 2nd position