The most common mistakes harmonica player make…

Wherever you are on your harmonica journey, it can be really easy to pick up bad habits. We do this unconsciously and then don’t realise that they might be holding us back from actually improving.

I’ve noticed there are some common mistakes that I see in my Harmonica School students;
Playing Too Hard
Playing With One Hand
Moving Head Not Hands
Looking at the Harmonica
Rushing Ahead Before They Are Ready
I’ve put together a free lesson to show you why it is important to fix these mistakes. I’m also going to show you how to fix these mistakes.

Mini Tutorial for beginner : Get the bluesy sound

My tip:

buy a ‘good harp’ for bending (hohner ms blues harp)

download a Metronom, and Tuner to your phone

practice one:

-2 hole: yeeeeee (not bending), yoooooooo ( full bending), yeeeeee – hear the blues

First play few sounds, bend them, play vibrato

practice 2:

play this bluesy riff:

-2 , -2” (full bending), -1, -2

Test your bending with Tuner

or -2 , -3′ (half bending), -2 | -2, -3′, +4, -3′, -2

When I was young I played this on the Chinese harmonica I only played few sounds but I t was bluesy My fellow played on the guitar.

Listen big harmonica player: Little Walter, Sonny Terry, Sonny Boy, …

Collect your harmonica jobs, riffs, record your playing. Practice every day