How to Download Windows 10 ISO without Media Creation Tool

Recently Microsoft has stopped users from accessing the Windows 10 ISO Direct Download page. When you will click on the links below, you will be automatically redirected to download the Media Creation Tool. However, with some small changes in the Browser settings, you can easily download the Windows 10 ISO directly on your Computer.
Method 1: Using Mobile View in Chrome

Open the Windows 10 ISO Direct Download page from the links given below.
It’s more likely that you may have been redirected to download the Media Creation Tool.
Open the Developer Tools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I Buttons.
Go to the top left corner and click on the Toggle Device Toolbar. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+M to do the same.

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download

The page will load with resolution 400*600p (Mobile Web View). Now refresh the page and you will see the links for Windows 10 ISO Direct Download.

The real Forrest Gump / Az igazi Forrest Gump : Rob pope

„Csak mert kedvem szottyant futni”

Egy fickó Forrest Gumppá vált, és már ötödször fut keresztül Amerikán:

Instagram: “Follow me as I run the route that Forrest Gump took in the movie. ”

sublime code editor setting

Szögletes zárójel probléma: ALT+ 91



Windows: Control-Alt-Shift-F

Laravel Blade Highlighter

Vuejs Complete Package

How do you make Sublime Text 3 open a file in a new tab instead of opening it in the current tab?

Preferences -> Settings-User and add

“preview_on_click”: false,



“enable_auto_align”: false,
“indent_with_space”: true,
“php_bin”: “C:/server/xampp/php/php.exe”,
“psr1”: true,
“psr2”: true,
“version”: 2


sublime 3 show charset, encoding:

Into Preferences > Settings – Users
File : Preferences.sublime-settings

“show_encoding” : true,

Change Sublime package/plugin key command

Sublime text editor: Change plugin hotkey?

You can open Packages list by pressing Cmd-Shift-P (on Windows should be Ctrl-Shift-P), choosing Package Control: list packages then select the package you neeed and press Enter. Sublime will open package directory where you can find all desired *.sublime-keymap files.

Default (Windows).sublime-keymap