How to download MonoDevelop and use it in Unity 2018?

Unfortunately Unity has stopped supporting Monodevelop-Unity on 2018.1.0 release. However you can still use Monodevelop-Unity by downloading the Unity Installer of version 2017.4.7 from this link: , choosing custom install and selecting to install only Monodevelop. After it’s installed in your PC, you can select it as the script editor in any version of Unity.

Blind Game Application

I created this game is built for visually impaired and blind people. I redesigned the flappy bird game for this people. Player controls the bird character, attempting to fly between rows of poles without hitting them. The drums help the player in the direction.

Home page:

2D Catch Game – Pt 1 – unity

As an introduction to using Unity’s 2D functionality and a sneak peek at the upcoming uGUI system, in this class we will be making a simple catch game using sprites and 2D physics. This will be a walk-through of the game from scratch, including coding all of the main scripts. This session is intended for beginners who have a only a basic familiarity with Unity and are interested in making games in 2D. Tutor: Adam Buckner

Coroutines in Unity

Mastering Coroutines in Unity in 10 mins:

Repeating timer via recursive coroutine

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Timer : MonoBehaviour
public float waitTime = 3f;

void Start()
StartCoroutine (HarmPlayer());

IEnumerator HarmPlayer()
yield return new WaitForSeconds(waitTime);
print (“Performing some action”);
StartCoroutine (HarmPlayer());

Designing Action Game

Unity: What to consider when designing an action game

First of all, what would classify as an action game? If I was going to give a simple answer I’d say that it’s simply a game that has a high amount of decisions per second and you can increase the intensity of the action by either increasing the frequency of actions per second and/or increasing the complexity of those actions. I personally believe that this is where the mobile market is lacking.