XAMPP – How to solve “Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly”?

2024, this worked me :

Step 1. Rename the folder C:\xampp\mysql\data to C:\xampp\mysql\data_bkp (you can use any name).

Step 2. Create a new folder, C:\xampp\mysql\data.

Step 3. Copy the content that resides in mysql\backup to the new mysql\data folder.

Step 4. Copy all your database folders that are in mysql\data_bkp to mysql\data (skipping the mysql, performance_schema, and phpmyadmin folders from mysql\data_bkp).

Important note: Please do not replace the existing files while pasting (click skip for these files)

Step 5. Finally copy the ibdata1 file from mysql\data_bkp and replace it inside the mysql\data folder.

Step 6. Start MySQL from XAMPP control panel.


Method 1 (22 Dec 2021)
Stop MySQL.
Go to the C:/xampp/mysql directory and copy the data folder and keep it somewhere else (probably in another drive) as a backup.
Go to your original data folder (C:/xampp/mysql) and sort the files by ‘Type.’
Select the files that have the type INFO File and delete them (screenshot below).
Start MySQL. It should work now.


Laragon server: big mysql table import when phpMyAdmin is timed out

C:\server\laragon\bin\mysql\mariadb-10.5.4-winx64\bin>mysql -u root -p ioir < C:/_kidob/IOIR_EXPORT/JELENTKEZES.sql Enter password: C:\server\laragon\bin\mysql\mariadb-10.5.4-winx64\bin>

wamp: table import | mysql import

C:\server\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.5.20\bin : folderben kiad

mysql -u root -p ioir < C:/_kidob/JELENTKEZES.sql password ''

more info:

MySQL tárolt eljárások

A tárolt eljárás egy lehetőség, az ismétlődő folyamatok egységbe zárására.
Kevesebb forgalmat jelent az adatbázis szerver és az alkalmazás között, mivel nem kell több 10 soros lekérdezéseket elküldeni, csak egy eljáráshívást, ami lehet egy bonyolult komplex folyamat.

MySQL tárolt eljárások – 1.rész: https://webstack.hu/cikk/mysql-tarolt-eljarasok-1-resz

MySQL tárolt eljárások – vezérlési szerkezetek – 2.rész: https://webstack.hu/cikk/mysql-tarolt-eljarasok-vezerlesi-szerkezetek-2-resz

MyISAM vs InnoDB

what are the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM?

Source: http://opentechlovers.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/myisam-vs-innodb/


Designed with a thinking that database are frequently read not updated.
Simple to understand and implement.
Has full text searching capability.
Good for frequent read operations(when several computations are executing simultaneously)
Faster reads and writes for small to medium sized tables.
Lock tables while updating.
Count(*) queries are fast


Non-transactional. Data loss issues during crashes.
Table level locking
Insert and update queries are scaleable, concurrency issues


Designed with a thinking that database are frequently updated not read.
Data-integrity is maintained throughout the entire query process.
Clustering by primary key for faster lookups and ordering.
Transactional, crash-safe, better online backup capability.
Allow multiple updates on single table
Locks only row, not table.


Slower writes(insert, update queries)
Slower BLOB handling
Count(*) queries require full table scan.