bootsrap 4 theming change colors with Sass

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How to customize Bootstrap 4 using Sass

Now, theming is accomplished by Sass variables, Sass maps, and custom CSS. There’s no more dedicated theme stylesheet; instead, you can enable the built-in theme to add gradients, shadows, and more.

Assuming you’re using a package manager like npm

Sass Basics

How to Customize Bootstrap

Color palette generator

Multi mix:


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Bootstrap Studio info

Hey friends! It’s been a while since our last newsletter. During that time, we have been quietly making Bootstrap Studio better by adding new features, components and tools. Here are the highlights of the last few months:

Charts – The new Chart component in Bootstrap Studio helps you create beautiful responsive charts. The app sets up all necessary libraries for you, and gives you full access to the chart instance when you need to modify it with JavaScript.

Custom Fonts – You can now import custom web fonts in the app. Bootstrap Studio will generate all necessary font-face declarations and auto complete the font in the CSS editor.

New Components – We added a number of new components for embedding Twitter/FB/Instagram posts, “share” and “like” buttons, HTML5 Audio as well as the BS4 Toast and Spinner.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – We added support for automatically generating a PWA manifest for your website. You can control all kinds of settings for it in the Settings > PWA dialog.

Time savers – They are too many to mention, but here is a short list: Find and replace in your entire design, Automatic Backups so you don’t lose your work, Automatic URL Rewriting when moving/renaming images and pages, Cleaning up unused images, a new multi-page Admin template and a lot more.

We have a lot of cool features planned – a command palette, movable panels and multi window support. We’ll discuss these and listen for your feedback on our forum. Be sure to register so you don’t miss it.