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Using React and jQuery Together

If on the other hand, you have one of those “legacy” applications that has “customers” and makes “money,” and for some reason your boss is not into the idea of you spending a few weeks rewriting the whole front end in React, but you still want in on that declarative React goodness, you may have to figure out how to get React to play well with jQuery or something similar.

If jQuery is making DOM changes that React doesn’t know about, some node that gets reused might be in an unexpected state.

Vue js 3 info

Composition API: setup()

Vue 3 Composition API data() function

Vue.js 3 Composition API: the SetUp Function

Vue template does not update value (composition api)

Vue 3 Composition API – watch and watchEffect

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Modal – close

How to close model from a button using vue.js ? :

How to Show/Hide Elements in Vue:

Cannot find module ‘vue/compiler-sfc’ Solution : Update Vue – How To Install Vue 3 in Laravel 8 From Scratch

How To Install Vue 3 in Laravel 8 From Scratch

npm install –save vue@next
npm install –save-dev vue-loader@next

Create Laravel 8 Vue JS CRUD Single Page Application