php Interface info

Using Interfaces to Write Better PHP Code

Interfaces can be:

Used to define public methods for a class.
Used to define constants for a class.

Interfaces are used to define the public methods that a class should include. It’s important to remember that only the method signatures are defined and that they don’t include the method body (like you would typically see in a method in a class). This is because the interfaces are only used to define the communication between objects, rather than defining the communication and behaviour like in a class.

Interfaces cannot be:

Instantiated on their own.
Used to define private or protected methods for a class.
Used to define properties for a class.

React vs. Angular – The developers slowly and gradually started moving from Angular to React

However, once React made up to the center stage, there was a drift in the paradigm. The developers slowly and gradually started moving from Angular to React as it was much better than Angular in terms of speed, efficiency, view library, simple API, and lightweight components.

Moreover, Angular had a few drawbacks causing problems and irritation for the developers and so they began to look for other alternative.

Why are Developers Planning to Drift Towards React Instead of Angular:

Protect your javascript source code

Your source code is public if you don’t know this simple trick:

When you build your project, the process generates a folder called “build” or any other as per framework policy. Just go to the build folder, and you will find some .jsextension files, and some are .map extension files. The js & map files are the source and map files. The map files are also important while developing. The map helps to debug.

There are two simple solutions to solve the problem. The ultimate target is to remove map files before deployment. Here is a simple way you can use it. Add GENERATE_SOURCEMAP = false at your package.json script section.
“scripts”: {“build”: “GENERATE_SOURCEMAP=false}
Removing maps manually will also work, but this is now a proper way.