Codeigniter info

Creating a Custom Controller and View in CodeIgniter

Configuring a Database in CodeIgniter

We’ll be utilizing our database very frequently, so we’re going to “auto-load” CI’s database library, which will make it automatically available throughout the app.

Learn How To Integrate Bootstrap 4 in Codeigniter

Autoload multiple databases:

Removing the index.php file, add .htaccess to root

Laravel Macros

Laravel Tip: 5 examples of why you should be using Macros

To cover what a macro is briefly, it’s a way of extending a class’ methods but without using inheritance and instead it works by adding a Closure to a class. This then means that all instances of that class has that newly added method. Any class that has uses the Macroable trait found in the Laravel framework can have macros applied to them.

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Négy-öt nagy informatikatörténeti múzeum a világon, de olyan, amiben a keleti és a nyugati fejlesztések fő állomásai egyszerre láthatók, egy sincs.