Parkour game

This game is working on the Windows system.

Start: click on the ParkourGame.exe Finish: Click Esc key

Direction: w – forward, s – backward, a -left, d -right,
space – jump ,
t – back to the top

Mouse moving – camera, view

Mouse left click – mining, stone mining: 4 clicks
Mouse right click – building
Block changing at building:

1- stone, 2- water (flooding!), 3- diamond, 4- redstone, 5-gold

You can flood your territory with the water! (click: 2 and Mouse left click)
If you can’t move You are stucked in the block.

Try mining the blocks around yourself and Push the SPACE key (jump key) and ‘w’ key. OR push the ‘t’ key to go to the top.

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SharePoint SOD info

SP.SOD.execute, SP.SOD.executeFunc

Difference between SP.SOD.executeFunc & other methods:

Understanding SharePoint and Script On Demand (SOD):

SP.SOD how to use correctly?


SP.SOD Methods:

execute:Executes the specified function in the specified file with the optional arguments.

executeFunc: Ensures that the specified file that contains the specified function is loaded and then runs the specified callback function.