Great Digital Products Don’t Happen By Accident.

The right team — Multi-disciplinary, constrained in size, experienced, mutual learning mindset, given focus.
Real problems for real people — Validate the problems we are working on vs. solving made-up problems for imaginary personas or hypothetical addressable markets.
Measurable outcomes — Precise, clear, unambiguous goals to help us focus, make decisions, and optimize over time.
Make decisions through use — Usage is like oxygen for ideas, so get out of Photoshop or Sketch and validate design direction by making something and using it; let what you’ve built serve as a vantage point to see where to go next.
Iterate and refactor — No sacred cows, no commitments to cleverness or pet ideas or sunk costs. Making something new is not a linear process. If something isn’t working, tear it down and build something that does.
Seamless UX — The best experiences are seamless. They promote flow across sessions, devices and use cases. If we’re constantly focusing-in, we also have to build in times where we pause, zoom-out, and reconcile everything to the larger picture of what we’re making.



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