Zend Framework Boilerplate



Introduction to Zend framework Boilerplate

It combines the most popular code libraries such as Zend Framework, Doctrine 2 and Symfony Components and ships with all the glue code to make the libraries work together seamlessly. ZF-Boilerplate also is a virtual development environment. It allows you to spin-up a virtual machine that runs the code you developed on a workstation of your choice. In fact, it lets you write your code on a barebone workstation (e.g. Windows) with only the IDE of your choice being installed and allows you to run it on a fully configured production-like server environment in a virtual machine right on your local box.


Before you get your hands dirty, make sure you make yourself familiar with Zend Framework. ZF-Boilerplate requires you to know the Basics of Zend Framework as it serves as its foundation. You will also want to learn the basics of Doctrine 2 when building a database depended application (which is very likely, I guess) as well as PHPUnit. Will also need to know what a Virtual Machine is and have an idea about what a LAMP stack is.


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